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Debt Recovery - Limit Lending in Scotland. Debt recovery lawyers aberdeen inverness scotlandThe possibility of chasing commercial debt can be a trying experience for lenders: instituting legal proceedings may carry important costs and be time consuming.

No creditor would want to dedicate important resources to regaining debt at which this can be prevented. It is necessary that where cash which you are owed has not yet been paid, you've got the assistance of specialist solicitors that may pursue this for you as a matter of urgency. Occasionally taking rapid action will make the difference in if it's possible to recover the debt effective.

Recovering Commercial Debt in Scotland

At BBM Solicitors, our commercial staff know the intricacies of being made to recover commercial debt, regularly working with businesses to place systems and contracts in place that mitigate the risk of bad trades. But, we also value that cases do arise where the repayment of debt can be withheld or simply can't be compensated, requiring more formal actions. Our team offer a specialist service, navigating our clients through the legal processes essential to recoup the industrial debt they are due.

Recovering Due Debts: Engage with the debtor

It's highly advisable that if debts fall on account of a creditor should get in touch with the individual or business in question, making them conscious of this situation. It's necessary to get into some kind of dialog with a lien: outstanding debt might be a result of absentmindedness on their part, and a gentle reminder might be sufficient to cause payment. But it can be possible that they are refusing, or lack the funds, to make payment to the debt.

It's important that when calling a debtor, a creditor makes them conscious of the consequences of failing to repay their debt:

Where the contract allows it, or where the customer is a company insured by the late payment of commercial loans legislation, interest could be placed on the amount they pay off.

It's vital that creditors give debtors fair warning of the chance of legal action being taken against them if they fail to make payment in a reasonable period, e.g. 7 days.

At BBM Solicitorswe often engage with debtors on their lenders' behalf. It's our experiences that getting in touch with a debtor, and notifying them of the effects of the activities, will normally yield consequences for creditors.

Taking formal legal action to Recoup debt

When a debtor fails to make payment in an unpaid debt, and continues to be given notice of the impacts of the activities, then a creditor may then proceed to raise formal legal proceedings .

Pursuing Insolvency Options

Regardless as to whether a debtor is a corporate body or an individual, it is possible for creditors to take advantage of the bankruptcy regime to recoup the debt. The principles, but are somewhat different for each Sort of debtor:

Where a debtor is a limited company and the debt is undisputed, often the very best approach to forcing payment is a 72 hour winding up demand, which demands the satisfaction of their debt within the time frame. This entails Sheriff Officers serving a need notice we've resisted, calling for payment of the debt. Where payment isn't forthcoming (and not contested ), a creditor may then find the court's consent to set the business into liquidation, and to appoint a liquidator. This type of demand tends to prompt a reply!

Where a debtor is an individual having some interest in real estate, it's possible to set them into bankruptcy to secure debt. This is known as'sequestration'. However, there are limits on what can be achieved with a debtor's house, especially when their family lives with them.

Proceeding with Diligence

Assuming that a borrower has not positively responded to, either or defended against, a creditor's efforts to regain commercial debt, which the bankruptcy regime would not be helpful, a lender may request the court to issue an order (known in Scotland as a decree) recognising the debt is due.

Based on the value of an outstanding debt, then a request for a court to grant decree should be increased in one of 2 areas. The Sheriff Court will handle many legal disputes concerning debt recovery, while legal actions concerning debts of a top price, e.g. over #100,000 who are very complicated, ought to be brought before the Court of Session. The value of this debt will also determine the courtroom procedure and time frames that have to be viewed.

There are a number of options available to lenders pursuing diligence from a debtor. The usefulness of the measures will depend on the circumstances in question. The choices available are as follows

Earnings Arrestment

That is an order from the courts who educates a debtor's employer to deduct the money owed to lenders straight out of their monthly wages. But, there's a limitation on the quantity that may be taken out of a debtor's salary, depending on how much they earn.


It's open to lenders to prevent debtors from accessing money that they have in their own bank accounts, although specific minimal amounts might be abandoned. This step will involve paperwork being done by debtors, stipulating that cash be deducted from their account and paid to creditors, via the courts, in pride of the outstanding debt.


Where a borrower has no savings or is jobless, but does own land, a creditor might prevent them from promoting it. This secures the value of the home for the lenders for a period of up to five years.


This involves Sheriff Officers making a list of property capable of being marketed, e.g. non-essential items possessed by the borrower such as a vehicle, that could be captured and sold on the market to repay debt. Attachment does not consist of property in a debtor's home. This will only be effective at seizure in which an'Outstanding Attachment order' has been allowed by the judges.

At BBM Solicitors we've got a long, successful history of working with businesses to guarantee the payment of debts. Our staff provides assistance and advice that reflects our customer's needs, offering successful solutions to legal problems. We can manage all aspects of your situation, such as contacting debtors, raising court actions, and representing your own interests when required. Should you require assistance in regaining commercial debt, then please contact our commercial staff at BBM Solicitors.

Debt Collectors in Glasgow City

We are debt collectors in Glasgow City and now we're here to assist. The Credit Protection Association was set up in 1914 and has helped thousands of thousands of UK businesses to decrease bad debt and get paid on time.

If your business is based in Glasgow City and someone owes you money, talk to us. You're welcome to call us 0800 634 0187 to go over your debt collection needs in confidence.

We've Got local representatives to help you and we have clients across Glasgow City from Linn to Maryhill click reference and from Cardonald to Ballieston.

With extensive knowledge in credit management, we could provide you with expert assistance and the right solution, regardless of your company size.

Can you find that a few folks take some time to cover and make you wait for your money? It may be frustrating, can't it? The perfect debt collector can help to solve this issue -- without bothering your customers.

A. Bad Debt Prevention (preventing the Issue in the first position )

B. Overdue Account Recovery (prompt payment, whilst retaining goodwill)

C. Debt Litigation (when it comes to this, our litigation professionals can Know your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act ... behave for you)

"The support has been shown to be everything that you mentioned it'd be, and we have seen a huge benefit. We've had a number of late accounts paid promptly and directly to usand it's also a enormous weight off our head to know that after we have handed an overdue payment to you, you take care of everything whilst keeping us completely in the loop" ~ Engineering company

"We have been a member of CPA since May 1994 and have now been supplied with an excellent service. The online system is user-friendly and effective also provides status reports whenever demanded. We've had a higher success rate of debts solved." ~ Senior credit controller

If all your clients paid their bills on time, conducting a business would be far easier, would not it? In reality, you often have to await payment, leaving you short of cash to invest in your company or even pay your invoices. You also have to find the tools to cope with the excess administration caused by slow payers. In addition, losses from customer liquidations and bankruptcies are all stressful. Many of these business failures were predictable and for that reason avoidable.

You might worry about contacting a debt collection service. What are they going to be like? Could they help your kind of business? There Consumer Protection - Debt Collection - Texas Attorney General is no need to stress. We are considerate, helpful and probably had direct experience of working together with your kind of business.

At The Credit Protection Association, we supply solutions, information and backup in most areas about the supply of goods or services on account. You receive all you will need to decrease debtor days and write-offs from one source.

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